Unit 1: Scientific Foundations

Unit 1 Textbook Readings

Myers Module 1.pdf

Module 1 Reading

Psychology's History

Myers Module 2.pdf

Module 2 Reading

Psychology's Big Issues & Approaches

Myers Module 3 plus Unit Review.pdf

Module 3 Reading

Careers in Psychology

Unit 1 CED AP Psychology.pdf

Unit 1 CED

Scientific Foundations of Psychology

This document includes all key information that the College Board will test you on in the spring. It's also the basis for our unit test.
  • 1.1 Introducing Psychology

  • 1.2 Research Methods in Psychology

  • 1.3 Defining Psychological Science: The Experimental Method

  • 1.4 Selecting a Research Method

  • 1.5 Statistical Analysis in Psychology

  • 1.6 Ethical Guidelines in Psychology

Link to Unit 1 Review Sheet

Link to Unit 1 Quizlet Set with key vocabulary

Crash Course #1 Intro

Crash Course #2 Research Methods

Normal Distribution (Crash Course Statistics)

Normal Distribution (Khan Academy)